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11 Dec 2011

12 Jam jalan


Baru ada kesempatan nak update blog ni.
Semalam tak berkesempatan nak update.
So, sambil-sambil dengar lagu ni, boleh jari-jari ni menari-nari di atas keyboard.

Entry kali ini, aku nak cerita tentang aktiviti aku semalam.
Aktiviti yang buatkan tapak kaki aku sakit dan buatkan badan aku letih.
Tapi itu semua pengalaman yang aku rasa baru bagi aku.

(You all can click for further details)

Ini merupakan kali kedua event ni diadakan kat Melaka.
Tahun lepas diadakan di Penang.
Apa yang aku buat? Aku join ke?

Yes, I did joined!

I just want to gain new experience, how it feel to help others and meet new faces, especially this is a big event. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave this opportunity to 4 of us; ME, NADIAH, HAJAR & WENDY.

There were 2 shifts that we can choose, either 10am-6pm OR 5pm-1am.
We choose second shift. So, sharp 5pm, we have to be there. Thank to Allah that, the event around Makhota Parade >> Dahtaran Pahlawan only. So there is no big problem for us ^^,
There also has 24 hour shift, and Thank to Allah also, we did not take that shift.

What we have to do?
Well, as a volunteer helper, we help them on :

>>' Registration time (distribute T-shirts, etc)
>> Informing Participants where they can check the result
>> Paste the result at the Result Booth.
>> Guard the main booth (haha)
>> Hold the FLAG (to start the race); as I kena tolak by the VIP people.. Sesuka hati je tolak orang!!
>> Serve the food for the participants and others.

Tired because we have to stand most of the time.
But, it was fun actually.

Well.. truly speaking that, kebanyakkan peserta yang mendaftar adalah daripada GOLONGAN EMAS.
Yup! People from age 50++ 
Seriously!! You can see how struggle they are!
For women, minimum laps/km they have to complete is 24 within 12 hours.
But for men, I forgot..haha
You can rest, you can eat. You can do whatever you want, as long as you complete the minimum requirement.

I sat there and look at the participants.
I feel proud!
Sungguh sihat depa ni!
Malu dengan diri aku sendiri, yang jalan hanya 1 round, sudah sakit kaki ><

(Most of the pictures below taken by my friend, Wendy)

This is the main booth. The place where they control the participants' result  Alhamdulillah, semalam cuaca sangat baik. Tak hujan.

Pak cik ni dah umur 60++, last year, he managed to finish 84 laps / 84 km. See...see... dan tua kot, tapi still sihat!

Supporter from family members / friends ><

Time keep tick-tock-tick-tock!! Hurry up!!!

Free STARBUCKS coffee middle of the night! Regret tak pergi rebut!
Ramai serbu terus habis T-T

Allowance Payment for helping ^^,

Inside this envelope is my allowance.
Thank you.
(Yang gambar orang bersongkok kat belakang tu cerita GENG SURAU! haha)

I learned that, 
You have to be RESPONSIBLE

Thanks to all, Thanks to Wendy also.
I really had such a fun even tiring day yesterday.

p/s : I will join this event next year...if and only if it being held in Melaka again..ahaha


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