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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Letting you go


I'm letting you go!!!!!!!

Since Bunga Raya you with me.
When I moved to Emerald also, you still with me.
And now, Im letting you go.

Forgive me.
And I hope you will be happy with your new life.
Alyaa and Amsyar,
take a good care of them for me.
They served me well.

Almost two years with me. Still in a good condition. Letting go to Amsyar.

Same goes to you dear. Letting go to Alyaa.

For my dear brother.
Thank you.
Take good care of yourselves.
Thank you for your sharing yesterday

Muhd Fadli Ishak. Still single :)

Few days left.
And then,
I will say bye-bye Melaka.
Welcome tough life! 
Ni baru separuh... ada lagi  kat bunga raya..hahaha

p/s : Im letting you gooooooo....


Me : Abah, Mira nak jual drawer dan barang-barang mira boleh?

Abah : Boleh je. Tapi kalau ada yang boleh diberi pada kawan-kawan. Bagi je. Sedekah, hadiahkan pada mereka.

*Aku diam sejenak*

Me : Abah.... kalau mira nak jual boleh?

Abah : Boleh je. Tapi kalau ada yang boleh dibagi, bagilah.

From here, I can see the difference between me and Abah.
So, thank you Allah, because.. YOU let my heart listen to what Abah said :)



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