Saturday, May 19, 2012

Minum tengah hari



Hari ni cuba minum di Restoran Ayam Penyet 
bersebelahan dengan Tutti Frutti.

Dulu, mula-mula pergi, service dia kurang bagus sikit.
Makanan pun ok-ok..

Tapi kali ni much more better.
I'm only order drink
because still full with the breakfast meal 
inside my tummy~~

Ice-blended Chocolate.
Can't deny that I really love Chocolate so much!
So, this drink really looks tempting to me.

It's tasty, with the hot weather we have today,
so kinda 'masuk' with the theme..hehe..

But, the straw little bit short i think.
Susah nak habiskan air ni dengan cara yang sopan.
We laughed couple of times
and keep thinking, how should I finish it.



You guys can try it out.
Nasi goreng ikan bilis ordered by Mohana also quite delicious.
And Yam Yogurt ordered by Hajar also not bad!

Ice blended Chocolate : RM 5.90
Yam Yogurt : RM 4.50

p/s : hehehehe

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