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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another comfort zone


...: Comfort Zone :..

Kalau tak silap, dulu pernah tulis tentang 'comfort zone' juga. heh~~

Pepun, first thing first, 
syukur pada Ilahi yang telah melancarkan presentation BP kami.
And, I officially done for this semester!

In the first place, congratulation to all my group-mates.
For me, this is the only company so far, that I see can go further.

Well, as usual, when I'm practice, the words does not come to me exactly when I'm in front of them.
Actually, there were a lot of things that I want to tell during presentation.
But the words does not across my mind.
So, just simply say and for sure, 
my speed was like..... a LRT?
I try to control the speed, as I practice to talk slow,
but... the thing went .... =.='

That was my bad attitude when doing presentation.
Next presentation hopefully can be much more better.

And, I believe this is the last cooperation between us.
Truly, I will miss all of you, especially Malliga.
She's the one always with me since Alpha.

Only 3 of us, I mean, girls, in that class.
Day by day,
month by month,
year by year,
here we are now :)

Dah nak kahwin nanti jangan lupa jemput pula yep~~

p/s : Nadiah tak disebut, sebab dia ada ngan aku lagi..hahahahhaha...


The time has come.

Mail that I received on that evening really breaks my hope and courage.
I was like..... lost.
But.. I set my mind before this,
this kind of thing will happen.
And yes.. it really happen.

So, it's my time to wake up and stay away from my comfort zone.
InsyaAllah, there will be ways for me,
I do miss my home,
but right now, thinking of home is not a must for me.
I trained myself this semester,
and I shall remain in my training.
InsyaAllah, there will be a day that I will come home.

Abah ibu,
do bless me.
And, do pray for me.
I am really sorry for making and putting you guys in this condition.
My bad.
And I try not to hurt you guys.

p/s : I can feel it now, may Allah shows us the ways..



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