Friday, January 13, 2012

The Social Network 2


Last time I watched the first one..
The Social Network.
About Mark who invented Facebook.
But the truth is that, I fall asleep when watch it.

But the second one..
For me.. It is seems much more interesting..

Wait for this movie to come out!

p/s : nice.....


Nurul Afiqah said...

oh... ade social networking 2 ea.... hr tu yg 1 pn best... wah,, stiap event yg blaku kat facebook company da jd citer... gile lah fb nh..

Cik Mira said...

yg ni best sikit.
bayangkan kalau fb xde..perrgghh..
hebat tul depa nye imaginasi..

p/s : x sabar lak nk tgk..

Nurul Afiqah said...

hehe... dahsyat sbnrnya ttg existence of fb..... byk konflik dlmn.. kiki.. ^^

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