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Wednesday, January 04, 2012



Finish my class for today. Yeay!!
Waiting with tension for tomorrow class!
Yup.. waiting with tension!

First case

Hari ni aku belajar satu benda baru daripada satu benda yang aku rasa simple.
Benda tu aku nampak simple je, tapi aku rasa, kalau ada keyakinan inshaAllah ia boleh jadi hebat.
Aku kagum dengan mereka-mereka yang ada presentation hari ni. 
Simple tapi bagus.
Aku wonder, macam mana aku waktu FYP nanti?

"One year more..."
The fact that I have to accept.

Aku suka benda yang simple tapi nampak elegant dan professional.
Benda yang tak perlu buat kepala aku sakit bila fikirkan.
haha.. boleh tak aku dapat benda macam tu?
Kalau kita tak rasai kesakitan dan keperitan, kita tak dapat nak menikmati kemanisan, betul tak?
Well, I'm looking forward for my exciting FYP nanti.
Ya Allah, aku dah ada target lecturer aku dan aku dah ada target tajuk aku, semoga KAU permudahkan segalanya untuk aku. 

I do appreciate people around me, without them, yes, I'm nothing! 
Thanks for being at my side.
And I always looking forward to be a useful person, and for sure to less burden of my friends.
They hurt so much because of me.
They always in pain because of me.
So, one thing that I really thank once I move to Emerald is that, I will less burden them, as I do really love them. Let me, myself, handle everything.

The simple thing that I learned today I can't describe in words.
It just came in my mind, and make me think it deeply just now.
And for sure, I'm not concentrate enough in the class..haha..

Second case

Sometimes it is a good thing when your teacher knows you, recognize you.
Last time, it is normal if your favorite teacher knows you well.
But, when you grow up, it is just DIFFERENT when your lecturer knows you, recognize you.
For me, it's different.

Maybe that I do not see them frequently and hardly can be face-to-face with them, makes me feel awkward when seeing them. hurm..
but the fact is I don't want to be like that.
The real me is the one who is typing this entry..haha
Who really knows me can honestly tell me how I would be when I'm with my cliche and when I'm not. I do change accordingly depending on my surrounding.
People who do not knows me they will say that I like this and like that, 
different with people who knows me well.

And it's hard for me to accept them as my friends as they are my teacher. 
I tend more to treat them as politely as I can, different when I treat my friends.

For class tomorrow morning, I feel tension!
I don't know how well I can face them, as I tried my best to hide myself during the midterm test last time.
But in the end, something did happened!
My mistake also...

to my mr kind
Yes.. you are kind. Stress! I try my best to do well in your subject. What you think of me is really important for me. When I'm not doing well, I feel that I disappointed you. And that is not good. 

to my mr hyperactive :
hurm.. first time you teach me is during DataStructuire subject. Well.. luckily I drop that subject..haha!
Well..well.. sorry for calling you with that name. Same as mr kind, but with you I more awkward. Why? Don't know.. but you are nice also. Luckily you are not there during my presentation as I can make a fool of myself in front there.

Allah give me the BEST lecturers for this sem! They are all AWESOME!
And I love all of them. Sorry if I'm not doing well.

Bole ke untuk esok ni??

p/s : one thing is that... mr tuto.. long time not seeing him in campus~~



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