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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Take Five!~~~


Take a few minutes updating my site.
Update while listening to Ustaz Azhar's.
Believe me.. I take such a long time to update one entry. =.='

Just want to share what Aima Azlan's said in his Vlog last time.
Take Five!
~ Dating, Time Management, Cinta SMS, Dawah and Repentance ~

Here is the video.. take a look at it first..

Nice right?
For those who don;t want to watch it, below is the short summary :
(my own summary....)

1. Do Muslims date?
Yes.. Muslims do date... but with his wife/ her husband. The moment is much more sweet...and of course it will be more barakah :)

2. Got any time management tips?
Well.. based on what he said.. used CALENDAR!! Aiman had two calendars. One is Google Calendar and another one is BIG CALENDAR! Write all our schedule on the calendar so that it will be organized. 
And... also... do list what you want to do in that particular day.. at least 5 things, make sure that the things that we list up are the things that we are able TO DO & TO FINISH it. Don't go beyond our limit.. :)

3. Is "Cinta SMS" based on a true story?
Hurm... for those who not yet read this story, I promote that better you guys read it. For me, it is nice. And don't worry, it already being translated into English.
Back to the question, if I'm not mistaken, Aiman said, YES AND NO!! the story is made up from different sources, based also on his experience. Taken here bit by bit and then... it become CINTA SMS/LOVELY SMS

Lovely SMS

4. How do we guide non-muslims to Islam?
Simple answer from him but yet useful. LIVE ISLAM IN YOUR LIFE.
Islam is the way of live. I do remember what my naqibah told me that, da'wah can be done in many ways, not necessarily by given talks, what we show to others is also a part of da'wah. Our sahsiah is also a part of it. with ISLAM in our life.. :)
And also..we do not have power to force people into Islam. 

5. I have a friend with a dark past. If my friend makes taubah(repentance), will Allah accept it?
Allah is Almighty! He will accept our sins no matter what as long as we sincerely repent for it. No doubt about it.
" No matter how big all your sins put together! remember that the MERCY of ALLAH is BIGGER! "

Alhamdulillah, he helped me a lot. :)
In the same time, he also delivered the message that, you have to change yourself instead of waiting the time/people to change you.

I try to do it even though I already practiced this long time ago. Sometimes I follow, sometimes not.
hahaha... normal right. 
With the new environment I live today, I try to be consistent!

The picture above is the picture of my family. 
Arwah mak is there. Looking at her smiling face, always want to make me smile also :)

This one....
hahaha.. awesome?
I hate Timeline!
But no matter what, we have to change it soon, as it will be a must on february 2,
Before it automatically change, better i change by myself.. :)

p/s : I felt happy also..coz Aiman Azlan change his spectacles.. same owh with mine!!~~~~ ><



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