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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almost Done


First of all, would like to congratulate all my friends that finish their FYP presentation.
Feel happy and proud for them.
Will I be able be like them?
I love to see Martin's work just now. And he looks totally different.

"I look more tired right?"
Haahaha.. yeah..but deep I want to say that, you loss lot of weight I think.
You makin kecik once I look at you.
This is the first time I have a short chat with you.
Komawoyo.. :)

Well.. past these few days.. I rushed there and here..
I go up and down.
Met him and her..
Just to make my application done!

All is well!
I managed to get all the approval needed for my application.
And tomorrow because of my application, I have to attend a counselling session.
Honestly, I don't like counselling and I don't like to see counselor.
But tomorrow.... =.='

What to do.. have to attend after all.
And of course..
Ada masanya kita akan rasa seperti down.
Down seeing new faces and keep asking me things that I totally don't want people to know.
I do feel regret with what I've done until today.
I don't have to attend any if I manage to finish my FYP.
It hurts. Totally hurts.
Biarlah, hanya Allah yang mengetahui segalanya.
Even aku akan grad lambat daripada orang lain, at least, aku akan grad.
Just do my best, kan?

Next year, I will not see most of my batch..
Sedih la jugak.

Just see what will happen to me during tomorrow session

p/s : =.='



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