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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Sunday!

Mari kita panjatkan syukur kita pada Allah, kerna masih diberi kesihatan yang baik, iman yang terjaga.

Today is Sunday!
Tomorrow is a new day, even same routine I have to face, but hopefully it will be more and more and even better than last week, Aminn~~~

Today.. nothing much I do, just sit in front of my Mr Benq and do some works.
Yup..lots of works!
And hopefully I can finish it by the dateline and hopefully I can do it perfectly well. me on these works.

Me, Hajar & Nevass!
We went for hiking yesterday.
Sharp 6.45 am, we make our move to BERUANG HILL!

Last time I went there, during Beta?
Long time ago..really long time..

On our way up, we met a group of soldiers there,
They had their training up there.
Fun actually!
And truly speaking,

After hiking, we went for a breakfast, only a cup of milo I had for my breakfast yesterday.
And of course, long chit-chat with Nevass & Hajar.
Lots of things we talked about.
Thank you Nevass :)
At 9 am, we went home.
hahaha... ^^,


So today..
As reviewed just now my short story, 
I feel grateful.
Even in the beginning I really down to the max,
But now, I relief.
Lets see now, how I will arrange my time equally for my studies and for my hobby :)

Do pray for me.
I want to have my own style of writings.
I'm not really good, but I try my best.

If you guys drop there and read it,
feel free to leave your comment. Your comment may help me to improve myself to be a better person :)

p/s : tetiba rindu pak cik. I think I made a big mistake in my life. Will I be able to get your attention back?


Nurul Afiqah said...

hope for ur success in both carrier n hobby. havent read apa padanya yet. i'll read it tonite. hee! smoga bjaya mira!!!

Cik Mira said...

x yah baca pun xpe piqa T_T

ko pun.. all da best in ur carrier.. nanti leh jadi doktor peribadi aku..hehe


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