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Friday, November 18, 2011

Stress dude!


Time-time gini dapat bercakap dengan keluarga sangat best kan?

I really miss my family.
There is lot I want to tell them, but once I talk to them, I speechless.

Just now, I called my sister.
everything is ok there.
Danial also ok.

Betul-betul nak jumpa anak saudara semua!
Suddenly, I cried..haha..

Once I heard my sister's voice,
my tears...

Trying to control my voice so that she will not notice that.

Im so stressed!
Stressed with works and my study.

Next week midterm and I did not read any for it.
All I hope that I will finish my work by today, even I have to sleep late.
Ya Allah, please help me.

Rindu mak sesangat!
Rindu Ibu dan Abah!!

yup.. im stress!
oke.. bye2..
wanna layan sailormoon..ehehhe..



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