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Wednesday, November 02, 2011



Alhamdulillah. Syukur.


1.45 am already amirah, not sleep yet?
Hahaha.. nope.
Had a long chit-chat with my housemate.
Well.. most of the stories are from her, and I just listen.
Poor Syerina.
She has a roommate that did not talk much.
Sorry dear.

I dont know what to tell you,
And I just can be a listener for you. ^^


See this picture?
I took it after THT lab!
Yeah..see that GUY!
All of them focus on him!
I remembered the time he presented about Database Security!

I know he is GENIUS.
But at the same time I feel.....!!!!!

There is one time I put in my own notes...
I want to overtake him!
When I open my notes, I will see a small notes that I wrote about him.
But the true is..
I cant overtake him..
until today.

Why is he so GENIUS!

And you know what...
He remind me of Azfar!
Coz..last time.. 
Azfar was my competitor.

So..just wanna say that.
I dont like you!

Can I have your brain??????

p/s : hehe..



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