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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jasmine Green Tea


Having a cup of tea is nice actually.
Having a bottle of Ice Lemon Tea (Green Tea) also nice actually.
Having a glass of Jasmine Green !!!!!!

I love to order this kind of drink whenever I go to Windmill.
Seriously, I love tea!
But today, this Jasmine Green Tea..the taste of it, is too strong for me. I can't finish it but I force myself to go through it. Man.. Only Allah knows how the taste was. But Alhamdulillah, after read some articles just now, I feel proud to drink that tea. Want to know why?? ehehehe...

It is BECAUSE : 

It can help in losing some weight!! 
See.. see... I am so excited! Even though the taste is not that good, but the benefit of it quite good.

It also helps absorb fat and cholesterol.
Ahaha.. This one also I like!!

It can calm my nerves..? Hurm..
If I nervous, will I be ok then??

Lots more!!!
I just take few that I think it is interesting.. ^^,

Well, according to the MR GOOGLE.. 
The best Jasmine Tea is from China, which is call Xian Ling, which is mean fresh and nimble.
Well, I have to try it one fine day, InshaAllah

And also, I will try other places that have this kind of tea.
So far...
The best tea I really love is Ice Lemon Tea (Green Tea) ~Lipton~
You all should try this tea!
Seriously best!!!

p/s : my stomach feeling not so good.. it is because of this jasmine tea??



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