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Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Today was a nice day!
Yup, great one!

Last time, during Password class, I did mentioned about MIRACLE.
Yup! But this time, there is no MIRACLE, 
Just a happy activity that Madam Tee handled for us.
Luckily in the class only 20++, so, she can do lots of activities with us.
Just imagine, if the class has 60++,
will she do all the activities and entertain all of us?
Will not!

 For today class, she let us to experience to do our own Biometric.
We experienced Hand-Geometry.
It is interesting beb!
At least, she let us to prepare for the upcoming assignments, 
and also learn new things indeed!

I wonder, if MASTER student will learn the same way we learn.
Madam Tee is awesome!

See.. You can see my hand there, 
some calculations, getting threshold value.
Determine which part will be FAR and which will be FFR.
Totally nice!

It is fun to learn new things.

This picture is about comments from my friend that being published on the NEXUS; the popular WEBSITE in MMU. She has been interviewed regarding SUBJECT REGISTRATION, especially for my FACULTY (FIST). 

There is lots of problems that FIST give to us.
Setiap semester ada sahaja yang tak kena, sedangkan fakulti lain senyap.
Salah siapakah?

Tahniah. Your name was there! It shows that they HEARD our voice.
And alhamdulillah, they managed to solve it.

So.. just wait for the next issue..hahhaa
You guys can read HERE,
If you guys want to.

Today entry has nothing much I want to stress out.
Just want to share what my lovely lecturer did in the class.

But still, there is one point I would like to share.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda :
"Sesiapa menempuh suatu jalan untuk mencari sesuatu ilmu pengetahuan, maka Allah akan memudahkan untuknya suatu jalan untuk menuju syurga."

"Sesiapa yang keluar untuk menuntut ilmu, maka ia berjuang fisabilillah hingga ia kembali"
[ hadith riwayat Abu Dawud dan Termidzi]

Sungguh besar pahalanya kan?
This is the point I want to stress out.
No matter what happen,
No matter how hard it is,
InshaAllah, you will not regret it.

Betapa besarnya nilai ilmu tersebut,
betapa berharganya nilai ilmu itu,
andai kita melepaskannya begitu sahaja.
Tak kisahlah bidang apa sekalipun, 
Just do YOUR BEST!

And..appreciate your teacher.
They HELP you a lot!

Akhir kalam,
selamat menuntut ilmu dan selamat menempuh dunia peperiksaan.
Jangan pernah putus asa jika selalu jatuh.

p/s : Tuntutlah ilmu walaupun sampai ke negeri Cina.
haha.. aku memang tak ada kerja..
(saja buat kecik-kecik)



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