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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Take a break!


Just finish my first half section of classes for today. Another section will start at 3pm. Taking a short break, not a short nap, with my spaghetti, ICE LEMON TEA GREEN TEA, while watching GENG SURAU. I do not know how many times I 'khatam' this drama. Hahaha.. I love to watch Malay movies@dramas.

Alhamdulillah, today class so far so good. I love all the subjects I take for this trimester, with coolest lecturers. InshaAllah, I will work hard this sem as this is the last sem I have subjects, I mean subjects for my course.

Today in class, lecturer introduce to us the word that if Im not mistaken being used during Intro to Machine, one of the subjects that I love the most!
Hahaha.. I love to pronounce it as it sounds so cute! NIBBLES!!!

NIBBLES is a four bit in machine language. Well, Im not gonna to explain details about it. I juz like the word NIBBLES. Last time, when my Intro Machine labtest, I have been given this NIBBLES question, and Thank to Allah, I manage to score it. 

That's why I love this NIBBLES! hahaha..

And I miss to be back in Mr Poong's class.
He is an awesome and kind lecturer, as at first, he is kinda stubborn also and strict!
Well..because of him, I manage to score well in his subject. And if I have opportunities to be an expert in this subject, I take that! I really love his subject! Hahahaha..

Ok.. wanna continue back my meal and movies..
Later have class to attend. Tomorrow holiday..

For all my friends especially Indians.. 

Enjoy with your loved ones..



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