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Monday, October 10, 2011

Mini Album (Edisi 2)


Saja nak update tentang Mini Album ni.
Owh.. well..
Of course its not me.
Im not doing any recording.
But this is special for Kim Kyu Jong.

Yeah..I know, he will not know about this entry, just that, I teringat last time I did wrote something about Mini Album that all the members in SS501 had launched. 

This is the original entry.. MINI ALBUM

So..for Kim Kyu Jong, congrate oppa coz you manage to have your own mini album, as you promise, and I can't wait to see your action in musical (theatre)..
So.. better perform well, just like KyuHyun.. active in that area also..hurm..

The most I like is ...

It is the same like RAINY HEART by Heo Young Saeng.
And waallllaaa..
I make it as my ringtone to replace Young Saeng oppa's song. better be proud eh..


Do listen to it.. nice for me ^^,



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