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Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Love...Attraction.. Admire.. Like.. and..

Hurm.. Girls' talk.. what else can it be?
Getting more excited if the topic is related to love story. Perrgghh.. no doubt about it.
Well, I just had mine.
Hurm.. long story but for me interesting.
As I can be a Love consultant soon. ^^

Had long and nice talk with my two sisters just now. Yup..a long talk, and I dont know what advice I want to give as I also like them, same like them..
I also like somebody. I also admire someone.
But the real thing is sis.. do you know exactly what the feeling is?
I mean..the feeling that you really felt for that person.

Apalah yang aku merepek ni.
Love.. Like.. Admire.. 
All that have different meaning.
As I said to them just now, it is not wrong to like someone, also it is not wrong to love and admire someone, as long as you know the limit. Dont cross the limit. Control yourself. 
We cant force ourselves not to have those feelings.

So, sisters.. 
First thing first is YOUR STUDY. No matter what happen, how much you like that person, YOUR STUDY is first. Think also for YOUR FAMILY. 
So... when this things in our hand then you can really think about love!

Truly speaking..I also admire someone..until now. Hurm..
that thing I leave to Allah. HE will decide the BEST for me.
So.. do not need to worry. 
Once you feel you like someone, keep in inside your heart,
unless you want to tell her/him about your feeling.

Unexpected things will happen anytime, so..
just get prepare!

p/s : "It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return...."



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