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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I made my day


Today, I really had fun. Hurm.
My day begin when I really frustrated with the washing machine at the 5th floor!
Telan my money more than RM2.
Really!!!!! aaarrggghhh!!!
I save that money and I have to ask Hajar also to support me!

Ok..stop there about that thing.
Sesungguhnya bersabar itu indah. :)

After Zohor, we get ready to go to MC.
First thing first arrived there, we buy ticket for tomorrow.
Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan segalanya.
Then, we ate together, Nasi Ayam Oriental. huhuhu..
qiute nice except for the Iced Lemon Tea I ordered.
Hurm... I miss Lipton Green Tea so much!!!

Then.. we discuss what to do next.
We decided to go to Jusco Aeon.

We jalan-jalan there, 
We went to POPULAR..
Lots of people there. Seriously lots!!!!!!!
So we just window shopping all the books there even I really want to owned one of the book that I found really good!

Hahaha.. kesengalan telah berlaku. Sesaje ambil buku ni dan kitaorang baca!
But please.. for Muslim, DO NOT TRUST all these.
It is wrong! 
Only Allah knows EVERYTHING, not this kind of thing that will decide our life. 
Nope!!! DO NOT BELIEVE ok???!!

I didnt know that Keith publish this book.
Excited! One of the coolest and funniest cartoon from GEMPAK!
Wanna owned it!! Angah!!! Buy for me pleaseeeeeee.... ><

This is the one I wanna have.
I read it.
Its nice actually. Really knowledgeable book!
Useful tips that really awesome!! ahaha..
But this book little bit costly for me.
So, I just remember the tips, not all, at least I can get a few to practice. ^^

She kept looking for RECIPE books.
Kept reading about CHOCOLATE.
All related stuff about CHOCOLATE!!

After that.. we went to the DIASU!
One of the famous JAPANESE SHOP.
Really CHEAP! Well...for certain things
Things where you can get maybe more that RM10 outside...
it is better for you to buy at DIASU, because all there cost only RM5.
Jimat tak?

So what I bought actually???

Hahaha.. berbaloi! If outside.. I think it will be really costly.
I can bring my chopsticks everywhere..coz it has its own CASE!!

At last!
I bought this there.
You also can get the bigger one, also only RM5.
If outside, I think it will cost around RM10++ for the big one~~~~

And this one I bought at MC!
Giler ar.. 
12 pin harganya RM10!!!
Last time beli dekat Masjid India,
8 pin harganya RM10.
really JIMAT!!

It is just not end there..
We actually watched a movie.
Hajar la ni.
Sakit jantung tengok!
Too many suspens scenes.

For those who cant watch HORROR movies, please avoid watching this movie oke.. ^^

After that, we went home.
And Allah met us with a kind PAK CIK TEKSI..
He kept tell us a story about marriage.
Giving out tips...haha..lots of tips actually..
And also share with us his experience met with so many people.
Hebat pak cik ni! haha..

It is nice to talk with pak cik..
and thank you pak cik!

And now, I sit in front of my lappy updating my blog before I go to sleep

p/s  : Pak Cik pesan... carilah calon yang elok2..yang beriman. Laki hensem sebenarnya tak punyai apa-apa. Iman dahulu baru Hensem!!



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