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Monday, October 24, 2011



Lately, we heard lots of cases regarding humanity. Yeah.. in FB there lots of it. 
The most common one is as usual, killing each other.
Hahaha.. sounds weird right in English?

We see in the news how people out there kill their loved ones. Some said they have mentally ill, some said stress, and yada..yada..yada.. and nowadays this kind of thing is normal. It happens everyday and I think it is a must to happen. One thing that I really cant accept is how people can kill their babies.
Oh men!!! 

Many out there really want babies after married. But people today which is not married yet, have babies, then KILL THEM!  Where is your humanity towards your own child? What sins that the baby did to you as you DARE to KILL them?
This is totally sad.

And another case happened in China, a 2-year old boy being hit by a van, but no one want to help that kid even there is 13 people used that road. What they do? They just WATCH and DO NOTHING!!!
Are you happy enough if YOUR CHILD is lying there..on the road, instead of that boy.
What do you think? 
I dont know what happen to nowadays people.
Well... I just want to let it out.

Even we dont have anything to show up, or even we dont have anything to give to others, it is best enough if you can give your sympathy by helping others. It is just good enough like that. Coz we dont know when is our time to come. At least, with the good deeds we do by helping others, it will reflect back to us. Maybe Allah sends someone to help us in future. No one knows.
Things will not happen as it is, if we dont start it by ourselves.

So, reminder to me and you guys, 
Lets help each other.
No matter what happen.
And put our trust on Allah.
Never leave HIM in order we want a peaceful life ahead.

p/s : hurm... 



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