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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Aku & Dia

Aku & Dia

I miss her.
Being with her even she pretend not to notice me..
At least.. I feel confident with myself.

During Discrete Final Exam..
She came to me, check my paper and show what is wrong.
I really appreciate that.

Aku & Dia..

Now.. I feel 100% regret
Her style suit me well
But I take the risk
Now I really.....

Aku & Dia..

I wish I can be back in her class
I lost my confidence..
I only can answer the questions that she managed to teach me
before I left her and went to the other session..

I managed to remember well all..
What she told me..

Aku & Dia..

I can't turn back..
I have to work extra hard..
Extra extra hard..

p/s : Miss.. Can I join your session back? Now left the assignment.. 
Allah... I hold my tears now.. I know what I imagined yesterday will become a true one..



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