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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Participation with Care Club (2nd time)

My second time participate with Care Club..

This is my second club that I'm currently active after Usrah.
Please don't ask me why I'm not active others beside Care Club.
Don't make any assumptions also..please!

Last time.. I was enjoying with their Ice Breaking.. yeah.. enjoying.
I met new faces, especially different races and religion.
That was tough for me to mix around, but Allah made my path easy..
Alhamdulillah, I can know many people, and they do understand us (Muslim),
And truly.. I really enjoyed the last program even I'm really TIRED!!

So.. today.. again, Care Club organised an event.
Spending time with old folks (Bukit Baru).
This is my first time go there, and meet them.
Seriously.. in the beginning, there was a conflict.
Till we on the bus also, still have conflict.
Luckily they asked why and why..
and Alhamdulillah, at last they do understand.

Truly.. there was nothing and nothing celebration about Mother Theresa.
Thank you to Rahve, Shaun, Prema, and others for understanding us.
It really hard.
But the main purpose we went there, just to have fun with them.

They being left there.
See that mak cik. The blue baju kurung one.
Her name is Embok.

I wonder, why their children sent them there. At least, for mak cik Embok, she suppose not to be placed there. The place really not suitable for Muslim. Seriously...

I really had fun there. Touching also!
I cant go near and really near.. I will cry..
So.. I just be biasa-biasa only.
Purpose come there to have fun..not to create touching moment!

Mak cik Embok...
I keep wondering.. why?? why?

Madam Rohaida.
Nice lecturer and nice person.
She always talked to me and asked me about mak cik Embok.
Why she being sent there?
How she being sent there?
Not other place?
Just like a mom.. a mom for me..
Nice madam Rohaida!

Also Auntie Le! hahaa.. I practised my Mandarin with her.
She loves red..hong se in mandarin.
Hahaha.. nice talk with her. 
She pegang my tangan and not let it go makes me want to cry.. 
at last.. I grab Kak Fateha's camera.. if not.. i sure cry there..haha

The only malay guy there. 
What a nice of you.
Thank you dear.
Have nice time chatting with you.
There's a lot I want to ask you..
What ever  it is..
Thank you..

He is from IPOH some more!!!!


Just wanna say that,
we do not know what will happen in future.
Love your loved ones..
and spread the love you have to others..

In order you want people to love you..
You first have to love others.

Thank you Allah.
YOU make me feel hard in the beginning..
And YOU made me feel relief in the end...

And I manage to know people better and better.
Semoga KAU meredhai apa yang aku lakukan selama ini ya Allah.

p/s : This will be my last event.. and my last program..hehehe. but if Care Club organize something.. i think i will join lagi kot..hahaha..


Aishah said...

cuteeeeee makcik tu...siap color2 agy...comey sgt2.looking at it(pic) make me smile..:).

..: nurish :.. said...

haahaha... cute kan..

ada satu part tu time potong keke.. ada sorang auntie tu.. die potong sikit..pastu..die nk potong lagi sbb die kate kek sedap.. pastu die nk potong lagi..hahaha.. lawak di situ


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