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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

Happy Chinese New Year
special dedication to all my chinese friends and lecturers.

May all of you have wonderful new year, wonderful moments with your loved ones!

For my friends :
I cant imagine that I.. having friends like you guys.
Since Alpha..until now.. you guys still support me. I really touched with some of you that say like that about me..I also didn't notice my own self when I'm with you all. Thank you, you guys are ROCK!
Well.. yes..indeed.. I missed some of friends during Alpha time. PT03 dudes are awesome! Till now.. you guys are still awesome.

For my lecturers : 
Please.. do not too strict when marking our papers..hahahaha...
Have nice day. No matter how far you guys are.. ><

Having nice and warm moments with family and friends! Waaa...
How lovely is that.

Owh ya.. final is just around the corner friends.
Good luck in studies.. gambateh!
See u all on Monday.. daa~~~~

p/s : Angpow... hahahah.. 



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