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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Ohaiyo minna san
Annyeong haseyo..

Fuh... kebelakangan ni mula malas nak update.


Heard about it before?
Yesterday, all Bunga Raya Girls went there.
Quite nice, the food.. the environment.. 
for me, quite exclusive.

Ok.. I forgot the name of those drinks.
I only remember 3 of them.. mine[Jasmine Green Tea], watermelon juice and the fresh orange.
Another one.. I can't remember, something to do with blue coral?? hurm... =.='

Lets see what we ate plak..

This one, if I'm not mistaken, Spaghetti Famiago..
I really bad in memorizing the name of this spaghetti. So pardon me if the name was wrong.hahaha
The best part is that the cheese!! I love cheese!! yeay!
Me, Aida and Wani ate the same meal.

This one Nadiah and Ecah. They share this steak.
The name... Double bla..bla.. 
hahaha..sorry.. I cant remember it's name....again..
Well, if you buy this double steak, it more worthy than you buy the single one.
If you have big appetite.. so choose this one. Nice oOoo.. ><

So, thanks to my housemates [Bunga Raya Girls] coz everyone agree to have our dinner here.
Yalah.. all broke already, have to jimat some more.

I will bring my parents here once they come to Melaka.
They have to try!
Maybe for some people, this Windmill so-so only,
but for me, it's cool! 
One thing about me is that, I hardly can't comment about food.
As long as I can eat, I will eat, and I will be more and more happy if there is someone 
wanna treat me. ><

And I wanna bring someone too.
Amacam? Ada berani tak nak terima ajakkan saya Mr Tuto?

So..give a try ya you guys.
Then you guys can give your own comment about it.
We didn't know a thing if we didn't give a try on it.
Experience speak for us. 
They are the colors in our life.

p/s : Mine... Spaghetti [7.50].. Jasmine Green Tea [2.50]..
so enough rm10 for my dinner! yeay! 

Seriously I'm totally happy yesterday!
Yes.. I do have 2 assignments to go.
Next week is the due!
Hohohhoo.. nervous and worry..
Hopefully everything will be fine.

Thanks for approving me.

Kalau nak terus berangan dan hidup dalam harapan tak mengapa kan?
Sumber inspirasi saya!
Seriously I feel different these days.
Hopefully semuanya menunjukkan yang terbaik untuk diriku.

Thanks again.
Macam mana nak attend kelas Selasa ni?

Ok... sekian dulu..

Kepada semua pelajar2 Alpha..
Best of luck in final!
Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya buat kalian!
Teruskan mana yang telah kalian lakukan!
Jangan pernah menyesal dengan jalan yang telah diambil!
Ingat... apa yang ada pada kita hingga ke hari ini, itulah yang terbaik buat diri kita.

p/s : Wanna have dinner with me on CNY?^^.    
I need a new headphone.. T_T        



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