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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank you for the treat

 ~~Scholars Engagement Session with VP PLD ~~

Today got session with Vice Preseident PLD at CCU Seminar Room.
After Web Based Computing presentation, I head to the seminar room to fulfill invitation from YTM.

Before that, congratulations to all my groupmates, especially Uddin for the system, Nadiah &Kak Tirah for the documentation.
Alhamdulillah. Yes, banyak kekurangannya, tapi for the beginner, it is kinda a success. ><
Thanks also to Mr Teh coz always helping us, encourage us. Thank you so much sir.

Back to engagement session, well..
nothing much to talk. Just have to listen. Some very useful inputs that VP told just now really really.....

Academic is important.. Involving in activities also important... 
Loyalty towards TM.. Serve for TM..
Give the very best shot we have!
NO ComplaintBlamesExcusesGossips!!!!

The best part is...

We sat at the VIP seat. How nice is that.
Sampaikan Encik Firdaus dengan Encik Khairul duduk tempat lain.
So sorry.

I really enjoy the food. Even can bring back some more.
Thank you for the treat.
Next time don't forget to invite us again ><

And of course..they treat us as a VIP! Waalllaaa~~~~

Sesi tapau menapau selepas makan. Yeay!!!!

Once again...thank you ><

Today was the last class for tuto TRM.
So..for this last class..
Thank you Sir.
Thank you for everything, the knowledge that you gave to us.
The stories behind the scene also..hahaha
[this one for the part that he story about the midterm..clarify about his job.. choosing and focus the right chapters for final]

Well.. see you again for tomorrow class
[tuto TIT]
also the last class..
then I will end my semester happily. Have to struggle for final for sure!

I like the way you teach..><




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