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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Inside here..

We happy when others happy.

What we plan seem not going to the right way.
Kita merancang tapi yang menentukannya adalah Allah.
Mana yang terbaik itu yang akan diberikannya.

Something happened yesterday,
after I discover so many things, 
but whatever it is, thank to Allah.
HE knows what the best for me. ^^,

Just finish cover some parts in TRM.. hahaha..
Isnin ni exam. Hopefully x blank.
Hopefully dia yang jaga ><

Satu benda yang saya dapat pelajari dari kes semalam.
Believe in Allah.
May this feeling will lead me..
become a better and much better person..
May this feeling really lead me..
to the key of success..
No matter what will happen, just try the best!

And also.. may this feeling will lead me..
to be a better muslim.

Nite all.
I had found great news that really cheer up my day.
hahaha.. nope..
that one tolak tepi dahulu.

Walau apa pun..
just keep on walking.


"Jaga diri, jaga hati"



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