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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Decision I make

Before this.. I wrote something about Plan A and Plan B.

Now I reveal it all here.

My first plan... 
...: PLAN A :...

This plan is according to my study plan. Yup.. my study plan in MMU.
Suppose... I will do my intern by next sem, for 2 months.
Until this time.. I keep waiting for the feedback from all the companies that I already applied.

With Allah's will, today, I got mail from TM Seri Iskandar, Perak.
They accept my application and waiting for my confirmation, so that they can post my offer letter.

Then.. I talk to my parents, it is hard for me, coz I don't have any transport. 
My sister using Kancil, so there is no car available for me to use.
And it also quite difficult to travel by bus.
So I really have to consider it all again.

I callled TM Shah Alam,
they talked to me, asked me, then they said they will call me back.
Yup, they call me, but this time, they want to help me to get any TM company that near with my sister's house, in Subang Jaya.

So, I have to wait until tomorrow for the news.
After that, I got call from Intel,and if I'm not mistaken..
Kedah or Penang..
They asked me about my intern period and also my CGPA.
Then they say they will call me back.

But for sure.. I will REJECT Intel.
My parents will not allow me to go there even got hostel or somewhere to stay.
They say it is too far.

Erm... so what I wanna do?

My second plan
...: PLAN B :...

This plan, I consider IF and ONLY IF I didn't get any placement for my intern.

What will I do with this plan?

I will add SUBJECTS..
Three SUBJECTS I will add.
And I have to reconstruct my study plan back if I take this plan B.

Will I take this one?
What you guys think?????


Is there plan C for me?
Got.. sure got..
...: PLAN C :...

I will get married! hahaha..
This is my plan C.

Mendirikan baitul muslim ketika belajar.
Get engage?

I know that this plan will be rejected by my parents!
~~~~~~just kidding~~~~~

So which plan I will take?

The answer is 


Yup.. I will stick with plan B.

After Intel called me, I called my parents back.
They asked me if I can do my intern later,
so I said of course yes.

Abah said..
Ibu can't go anywhere, so my sister has to negotiate with my brother to stay with her.
Tok Bah sick.. seriously sick.
Wan Chu also sick.
So ibu have to stay Ipoh, to look after Tok Bah.

" Kalau macam tu, cancel semua tawaran, "

That what abah told me.
First time I heard that, I feel really sad,
but then, I feel really calm.

Then..I know what I should do.

Allah already show to me the path, but I really want to get the offer damnly!
So Allah give to me. 
HE makes me feel how it is feel being accepted by the company.
Thank you Allah.

So.. I will choose plan B.
InsyaAllah..this will be the best decision for me.
I do this for the sake of my family.
I don't want them to feel bad because of me.
Thank you abah for the restu you gave to me ^^

Special to Nadiah and Uddin.

Yeah.. we can't do our internship together.
Whatever it is..
Do your own best during intern.
Jangan takut-takut!
Be yourselves...ok?

Ada cerita best@pengalaman best jangan lupa kongsi bersama..

Oh ya.. last but not least..
Thanks to you guys.. for helping me..
Terima kasih Nadiah..
Terima kasih Uddin..
Semoga Allah sentiasa lapangkan jalan buat kalian berdua dalam hidup kalian.

p/s : Yeay.. start to write in English as I wish he will read my blog..hahahah


sk3dsu said...

It's not that bad actually, I mean for Plan B. ^^ I was from the start choosing Plan B. When others busy searching and doing their intern, I managed to cover one intentionally dropped subject and repeat a subject.

I done my intern during my final year. I moved even further, I decided to take an extra semester just for it. ^__^ So that I could done my Final year project with my friends instead.

But the only downside was, for my plan, my convocation was not at the same time with my friends. Its oke though for me, I still went to theirs and took great pictures together.

As long as you comfortable with the plan, solat istiqarah and plan ahead, why not right? If not, get your arse moving and get those cover letters fast. Its that simple. ahahaha.

All the best ^^

Wow, long comments huh. :P

..: nurish :.. said...

thanks angah..
love ya~~

huhuhu.. insyaAllah yg terbaik mira lakukan..


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