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Friday, June 04, 2010

Syukur Tuhan

Terima kasih Tuhan

Ini adalah hadiah saya buat ibu dan abah!
Akhirnya! Alhamdulillah

untuk semester yang akan datang ni,
akan usaha lebih kuat untuk kekalkan prestasi.

Ya Allah.. terima kasih.

Kepada semua lecturers saya..

Mr Poong [yg smp sekarang hilang di FB] - thank you very much. Many people said that you are strict etc..but for me.. you are really a warm person.. you give people strength thru your harsh words. I will never forget that I have this kind of lecturer. Thank you for your supports till the end. Maybe becoz of u.. I want to master your course. ^_^

Mr Chong... even x habis ajar, he's still the best. Thank you very much. You make me understand maths better. Thank you!

Sir Dennis.... Thank you sir. Last minute seeing you..asking ques.. spend time wif us.. you are nice person. Thank you for the formula you gave and the retake quiz you gave to us. Thank you sir.

Miss Goh.... You so sweet.. Thank you very much. ^_^

And all my lecturers also.. you help me a lot. Thank you. And hopefully I will get same kind of lecturers in my future study here..hehehe..

Last but not least..
to all my friends..
Thank you..



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